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Family Support Services and Activities

Family Social Worker

Monique, our Family Social Worker walks alongside all family members (patient, parents, siblings, grandparents and others) that stay with Childhood Cancer Support as they are having their treatment. Monique also supports families on their return home with both personal contact, information and referrals to local support services.

The Family Social Worker links families with local ambassadors in their region, if an ambassador exists. Ambassadors are families that have returned home following their treatment and wish to support families going through a similar journey.

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Monique offers practical, therapeutic and general supports to families, which include counselling, parent, sibling and extended family support (eg. Spending time with siblings, listening, organising fun activities), informal opportunities for families to meet each other and assistance to access other supports as required. Monique is a qualified mental health professional but can also work with you to talk through the practical side of cancer treatment, for example, thinking through your options regarding work or the care of your other children, during this difficult time.

Family Support Pack

When a family is referred to Childhood Cancer Support, our Family Social Worker will welcome the family and provide them with a family support pack. This complimentary pack includes practical items such as breakfast cereals, tea, coffee, and milk etc.

Regional Support Networks

When families have been away from their houses, pets and loved ones for weeks, months or even years, it is not unusual when returning “home” that it can be a rather daunting reality. As a means of supporting our regional families when they leave, Childhood Cancer Support can assist families to stay in touch with each other and with our organisation should they so desire. We want to ensure our families continue to feel supported even after treatment is over and they return home. Our Family Support Officer and our Ambassador in your region can provide you with more information if you wish to stay in touch or need extra support when you are back at home.

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Family Support Activities

Childhood Cancer Support runs a wide variety of events, geared towards supporting and nurturing oncology families.

Some of these include:

coffee cake chat

Coffee, Cake and Chat

Each week families are able to come together around our playground for a complimentary coffee, cake and chat with our Family Support Officer. ‘Coffee, Cake & Chat’ allows families the opportunity to be in a warm and safe environment with other families alike. We also invite guest speakers to talk with the families about issues relevant to their cancer journey.


Monthly Family BBQ’s

On the last Friday of each month, Childhood Cancer Support offers a free BBQ for all families. It is an evening where the parents and children can unwind, eat a sumptuous steak cooked on the BBQ and sample delicious accompanying foods, plus enjoy one another’s company in a relaxed and supportive environment. Our BBQs are run by volunteers, who provide this service with much love and dedication to our oncology families.


Camp Crystal

Each year, Childhood Cancer Support holds a free camping getaway for families of children who are presently facing or have faced childhood cancer, regardless of what stage they are currently at, are welcome to join the camp. Some families may have children who are newly diagnosed, some may be in remission, some may be long-term survivors and others may be parents or siblings of those who have passed.

The Camp is run over a 3-day weekend in April. Camp activities begin on Friday evening and conclude with lunch on Sunday. Families can arrive as early as lunchtime on Friday to get settled in.

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Ekka Fun Days

Toc H is a volunteer movement dedicated to building friendships and offering service throughout the community. Each year, Toc H has provided the families of Childhood Cancer Support with complimentary entry passes to the annual EKKA Show so the children and their families are able to enjoy a fun day out and simply be kids again.

christmas party

Family Christmas Party

Christmas is a special time for most of us, but for families who have children with cancer, it can be a daunting holiday. Childhood cancer is an unfortunate reality for the families living at Childhood Cancer Support, and when family and friends reside more than an hour away, the financial and emotional stress can turn this special time into another worry. It is for this reason that Childhood Cancer Support is committed to offering a living environment to these families that brings them laughter and joy, and lessens the financial stress that can arise around Christmas time. We are always on the lookout for any generous supporters who are willing to help make this day an even more enjoyable time for our families.

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