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Camp Crystal 

Cancer Related Youth Support Time Allocated to Laughter

April 2023 (to be confirmed)

Each year, Childhood Cancer Support holds a free camping getaway for families of children who are presently facing or have faced childhood cancer, regardless of what stage they are currently at, are welcome to join the camp. Some families may have children who are newly diagnosed, some may be in remission, some may be long-term survivors and others may be parents or siblings of those who have passed.

The Camp is run over a 3-day weekend in April. Camp activities begin on Friday evening and conclude on Sunday evening. 

Filled with fun activities suitable for the whole family, Camp Crystal is a weekend-escape for families to recharge and remind themselves that there is a life to be lived outside of hospital appointments and treatments, and a place where you can come to enjoy yourself, relax and reflect.

More information available in December 2022. 



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