Business Partnerships

How your business can get involved

Join Childhood Cancer Support in a partnership that will help deliver vital services such as family accommodation, transport and support to paediatric oncology families. Together, we can work to create a bespoke partnership that aligns with your objectives, brand awareness and Corporate Social Responsibility.

No two partnerships at Childhood Cancer Support are the same – there are many ways you can join us to support children with cancer and their families.


Childhood Cancer Support seeks to work closely with its corporate supporters to form a mutually beneficial relationship. By finding innovative ways for our supporters to enhance their community and corporate social profiles, Childhood Cancer Support is able to build relationships that allow for growth, improvement and continuation of its vital support services.

Our objective is to develop a program that will:

  • Resonate positively with our supporters’ clients/customers, stakeholders, employees and other associates.
  • Allow our supporters to leverage their strengths and enhance their marketing objectives
  • Develop local and community networks
  • Provide essential funds, goods and/or services to assist Childhood Cancer Support in growing its potential to help its current, and future, families.

If you’re interested in becoming a corporate supporter or partner of Childhood Cancer Support, please fill out the form below.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Childhood Cancer Support is seeking new and exciting sponsors to assist in the improvement on our facilities and services. It is essential to us that these partnerships reap value for both parties, with tangible and long-term results.  

  • Childhood Cancer Support is mission and outcome focused.
  • Working with a trusted and transparent charity will improve your business profile and brand health by providing
    tangible results from your commitment and investment in the community.
  • We can offer your brand direct interaction with a state-wide and national audience, regionally and locally.
  • We collaborate with a wide variety of partner organisations across health, business and community sectors.
  • Sponsorship can help your organisation develop and reinforce your brand values, vision and mission by alignment
    with a trustworthy and reputable charity.
  • Consumers are increasingly more likely to have their purchase decision influenced by the company’s association with a
    charity name. By associating your brand with Childhood Cancer Support, you can maximise purchase opportunities by
    leveraging our brand equity. 
  • Sponsorship of Childhood Cancer Support means a greater online presence for your brand. Increase engagement with
    your consumers as we feed your brand into our social media channels. 
  • At Childhood Cancer Support, communication is everything. Talk to us directly about how we can tailor sponsorship
    packages or partnerships to ensure shared value that benefits your business as well as our charity.
  • Being part of something meaningful is an experience like no other. Be part of our journey in giving a real home to the families who need it most. 

To find out more about how you can work with us, please contact us today.

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