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We are here to help you every step of the way

No matter how you choose to raise funds for Childhood Cancer Support, our experienced fundraising staff are here to answer any questions you have, from completing your application form to permits, resources and advice. It does not matter if it is a small amount or a large amount every dollar assists us to support regional childhood cancer families with accommodation, transport  and support services. If you have any questions please give us a call on 07 3844 5000.

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Fundraise Your Way – Set up your online fundraising page

The opportunities and ideas for online fundraising are limitless! Put your creativity to the test, swap your birthday gifts for donations, set yourself a fitness challenge, set up an “In Memory” fundraiser or if you’re courageous enough shave off your gorgeous locks. Anything is possible to help support our little champions that are affected by childhood cancer.

Becoming a online fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Support is a fantastic way to raise vital funds and awareness for a great cause, whilst having fun with your family, friends, community or co-workers. The opportunities and ideas for fundraising are limitless!

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Host your own fundraising event

If you have a great idea for a fundraiser we would love to hear from you. You can host anything from trivia nights, golf days, morning teas the list is endless. Childhood Cancer Support is legally required to approve and authorise all volunteer fundraising activities. Just complete the application to fundraise form below.

If you need any assistance just give us a call on 07 3844 5000. Once your fundraising application is received, reviewed and approved, Childhood Cancer Support will provide you with a letter giving you confirmation of your legal authority to conduct your fundraising event.

Take time to read through the Fundraising Guidelines Booklet for important information to make sure your fundraising activity runs smoothly. This booklet will help you organise your fundraising venture from start to finish!

Fundraising application form   Download the Fundraising Guidelines Booklet  



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  • A description or name of the location you are intending to hold your fundraising event
  • What activities do you intend to hold during the event in order to raise money? Please provide a description of your idea or concept
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