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Join our monthly giving program to help make an impact on the lives of families faced by childhood cancer.

What is a Heartfelt Supporter?

Every week, the team at Childhood Cancer Support opens up their heart to yet another newly diagnosed child with cancer and their family. Being told your child has cancer is life shattering, heart-breaking and frightening. For families living hours away from the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, the news that you have to relocate is even more terrifying.

As a Heartfelt Supporter of Childhood Cancer Support you agree to make an ongoing monthly donation, starting at a minimum amount of $10. Your commitment is important to us as it allows us to:

  • Keep a family together, providing accommodation and support for a family who have urgently relocated for live-saving treatment
  • Ensures a qualified family social worker is by the side of a newly diagnosed patient and their family to help navigate them through the cancer journey
  • Increase accommodation availability and purchase unit supplies

Your monthly donation will commence on the date of when you first sign up and continue on that day of the month until further notice from you. All donations are tax-deductible. As a Heartfelt Supporter, Childhood Cancer Support will ensure you’re kept up-to-date with current news and various events.

How much would you like to donate each month?

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