Leave a Gift in your Will

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When it comes to your Will, it’s important to look after those who are important to you.

For many people, making a provision in your Will to ensure the health and well-being of fellow Australians is also important and extremely admirable.

Whether it is because you have had a personal connection with Childhood Cancer Support or you simply appreciate the services available for those in need, your support is greatly appreciated.

Leaving Childhood Cancer Support a gift in your Will (also known as a bequest or legacy) means that essential services such as accommodation for patients during treatment, transport services, emotional support, and counselling services can continue to be provided for children battling all types of childhood cancers.


“Leaving a gift in your Will gives you the opportunity to support something you are passionate about – such as helping our regional children and their families have a place to call home in Brisbane whilst they are battling childhood cancer”

Your lasting gift will not only deliver these services, but it will also benefit countless others and will continue to do so for many years to come as we increase our commitment to ensure that all regional children and their families are provided with suitable family styled unit accommodation whilst they are on the cancer journey.

The consideration of a Gift in your Will is an honourable act of kindness. Please know that every gift, no matter how large or small, is an important step in supporting children living with cancer.

If you would like confidential assistance regarding establishing a Gift in your Will, or would simply like a printed brochure with details of our Gift in Will program, please contact our General Manager Helen Crew. Her details are below:

Helen Crew
General Manager
Childhood Cancer Support Inc.
87 Annerley Road
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Ph: 07 3844 5000
E: helen@ccs.org.au