HEALING HEARTS is a HIT at Camp Crystal 2015

HEALING HEARTS is a HIT at Camp Crystal 2015

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HEALING HEARTS - TANIA BUDD (ART THERAPIST)The various HEALING HEARTS activities held over the course of the Childhood Cancer Support Camp Crystal had the air buzzing with creativity!

The focal point of the weekend was the collaborative “Giant Songbird” artwork, where families were invited to contemplate what “lifts them up “ and “what matters most”. Pictures were drawn and words written on multi-coloured paper feathers. Stories were shared around the table, including different viewpoints of what the Eagle symbol meant to them. The shared messages that came out greatly reflected the loving and founding values of family, friendship and connections.

The colour your Mandala activity gave a way for those who wanted to just sit quietly and just be in the moment. Little paper birds were made to spread joyful messages, which the little ones really enjoyed!

HEALING HEARTS - TANIA BUDD (ART THERAPIST) The hebel stone symbol carving was a huge hit and on so many levels, from relaxation to expression and release. Bonds and friendships were made alongside loud belly laughs! Personal meaning was carved into the hebel in a myriad of beautiful and endearing symbols. Many participants felt a great sense of pride and achievement when they finally finished their sculpture after a good few of hours of carving. One mum explained that, “when I got going – I just didn’t want too stop! I found it so relaxing and such a treat just to have time to myself to sit create.”

It was so heart warming to see families experience pathways of connection that creativity gifts to self, to others and to the bigger Camp Crystal family.


*Photos taken by Brisbane Corporate Portraits*

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