Bridge to Brisbane teams raise funds for CCS

Bridge to Brisbane teams raise funds for CCS

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CCS Family member, Tamsyn Kiely, shares her story about how childhood cancer has impacted her life, and the lives of her family, and why she decided to support CCS in the 2014 Bridge to Brisbane run.

“At the end of February this year, our family life was turned upside down when our youngest was diagnosed with leukaemia. We were told he needed to be in Brisbane – 700 kms away from home, our friends and support network. This also resulted in our family being separated for more than 7 months now. This will continue to be the case for at least another 4 months.

During one of the hardest times we have had to face as a family, Childhood Cancer Support has not only provided us with accommodation for our entire stay in Brisbane, but also valuable support. What they have created here is a community unlike any other for all oncology families, providing practical support like shopping, hospital or airport runs, and also offering emotional and mental support through regular Coffee, Cake & Chat, recreational programs and activities for the kids, gym facilities and more.

We wanted to do something for CCS to thank them for what they have done for us during this time and the Bridge 2 Brisbane seemed like the best idea this year. Hopefully through our fundraising and social media posts, more people are now aware of the fantastic job CCS does for families like us and will continue to support them. We managed to raise a total of $620, which I am delighted about. Next year our goal will be so much bigger!”

Thankyou Tamsyn, you and your family are an inspiration to everyone! 




CCS received more than $8,700 in donations from those who ran for us in the Bridge to Brisbane, which is an overall awesome effort and several thousand dollars more than was raised last year. We’d like to spend a special thankyou to the following teams:

Brian Smith 
Jacqueline Cox
Team Amos (Sarah, Kate and Valerie Amos)
Team Mitsui (Emma Allen, Shane Hansen, Honoka Yamamuru, Nick Morita &Yoko Morita)
Rona Claffey

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