Young Model Discover – Tamblyn Models

Young Model Discover – Tamblyn Models

The Young model discovery (YMD) is an online model search with proceeds in aid of the Childhood Cancer Support Charity. Tamblyn Models have been supporting Childhood Cancer Support for over 15 years.

The young model discovery is now in its 31st year!

The YMD has discovered, developed and managed many models during this time. Past entrants and Tamblyn Management Models include Two Miss Universe Australia winners Rachel Finch and Jesinta Campbell, International Models Nick Truelove, Kendal Schuler, Izzy Jarrett, Gemma Scott, Josephine Olton, Alieda Ross, Ivy Mae, Charlotte Ross, Emmy Tyrie, Nikita Russ and local stars in their own right Savannah Foran McDaniels, Piper, Laina Eady, Annika Dixon and Jett Harris the list goes on and on…Not to forget our 2018 winners Summer Hicks, Isabella “Bella” Long, Kiana Howitt and Summah Janssen (pictured)

For more information and to enter go to: https://www.tamblynmodelling.com.au/ymd-model-search-2019


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