Our Honorary Specialist Consultants

The Management Committee may engage the aid of Honorary Specialist Consultants in the event of a project and/or a requirement that assists the organisation. These persons will be sourced by the Management Committee and work on a pro bono basis. 

Honorary Specialist Consultants


Grant Hewitt

Grant is a former Treasurer of Childhood Cancer Support and was first introduced to the organisation in 2016 through a customer whose family was supported by the organisation.

Professionally, Grant is an inclusive, collaborative and cross-functional banking executive with 18 years experience in developing and coaching high performing teams to delight their customers and take ownership of growing their businesses. Grant is experienced in developing and executing: regional sales plans, enterprise strategy, transformation programs of work, business model innovation and discrete business growth strategies.

It is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to support and provide advice to such a genuine  and authentic organisation and team who doing amazing work in supporting families and children through childhood cancer.