The Jorgensen Family

We are a Childhood Cancer Support family, and have lived with them on and off for three and a half years. For us it has been a home away from home and a God send at the time we needed them most.

Our daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in December 2009 aged 4. We are from North Queensland and suddenly found ourselves pushed into a world of cancer and treatment in Brisbane, and felt very far from home. Just before Christmas, Childhood Cancer Support took us in and we stayed with them until Sarah’s 14 month treatment was completed.

Five months later, Sarah relapsed. Again, Childhood Cancer Support was there for us. This time we stayed for just 8 months. One year back home and we began to relax and think we may have just got this thing beat. However, Sarah’s scans earlier this year showed the tumor had returned. Yet again, CCS was there for us. They have been one of the constants during this most difficult time, lending support when needed, but also respecting our privacy. It really has been our home away from home.