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The Rethamels

Townsville Family Ambassadors

Trace and Trevor Rethamel from sunny Townsville are proud parents to their 3 gorgeous girls (Chloe, Sophie and Lucy). Tracey works as a primary school teacher and Trevor is a WHS advisor/project manager. The pair lead busy lives with their active daughters aged between 9 and 18, but love spending time anywhere near a beach, camping and catching up with friends and family.

Unfortunately the Rethamel’s know the devastation of cancer better than most, with Tracey herself surviving osteosarcoma cancer as a teenager which resulted in a below-knee amputation followed by 18 months of chemotherapy. In addition, 2014 saw their youngest daughter Lucy diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (A.L.L).  The words “your child has cancer” are words that no parent should ever have to hear. She was 8 years old. For 9 continuous months, Lucy had to endure life saving treatment in Brisbane.

Their home away from home during this time was Childhood Cancer Support in Herston. It was during their stay that the Rethamel’s say they came to realise what a unique and essential organisation CCS is to families of children diagnosed with cancer. “I dare not imagine what our experience would have been like without CCS and its’ support”, says Tracey. “Not only were we provided with the comforts of a fully furnished 2 bedroom unit, but there were numerous other support facilities available when we needed them”.

During their 9 months with CCS, Tracey says their family had the opportunity to meet some incredibly courageous children, and their families. “They, as well as the staff, became like family to us. In fact, we like to call these friends our CCS family”.

Now that the Rethamels are back home in Townsville, they are on hand to assist other child oncology families when they return home. The Rethamels hope that through their ambassador role, they can create much-needed awareness about CCS in their local community and raise vital funds for the organisation. “We are committed in doing this, so that other families like ours, continue to receive the support and stability that are so valuable at such a desperate time”.