Meet the Leo Family

Meet the Leo Family

IMG 7599“Childhood Cancer Support have just been invaluable to us; they have been an absolute lifeline.”

Eight-year-old Sidney Leo was living his normal life in Moura near Dawson River. He loved to go swimming, fishing, and skiing on the river. Sidney and his brother Wylie were close in age and relationship. He was empathetic, loyal and a great friend.

His mother, Brooke was a councillor with the local shire council, and they also managed a heavy diesel fitting business. The family lived on a small acreage just outside of Moura. They loved their life in regional Queensland.

In October 2021, Sidney started to experience headaches. He had no other symptoms that indicated anything serious. Sidney’s parents, Brooke and Vic took him to the doctor where he was quickly diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The diagnosis shocked and rocked our world.

The family were given the news at 4:00pm on a Thursday and needed to be in Brisbane the very next day. At 3:00am, the family began the long 800km journey from their home in Moura to Brisbane.

A family from their hometown of Moura had been supported by Childhood Cancer Support 20 years ago. When they heard about Sidney’s diagnosis, they got in touch and Childhood Cancer Support was able to organise accommodation for the Leo family immediately.

We were so lost and having a base straight away helped us feel a little more grounded and safe.

Just days after their arrival in Brisbane, Sidney had to undergo surgery to remove the brain tumour, followed by six weeks of radiation and four months of chemotherapy.

The family were able to stay with Childhood Cancer Support during this journey. Without this support, the Leo family would have struggled financially and emotionally. The family not only utilised the accommodation, but the family support services.

It has allowed us to keep our family together, we have room to move, and we are two blocks from the hospital meaning we can walk there when all is well. It helps to be close when we need to get there fast. The accommodation is clean, modern and just so great.


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