Lois & Brian Shinner's Story

It was through volunteering up at the Royal Children’s Hospital that Lois first heard of Childhood Cancer Support. “I’d never even heard of it before” Lois says when a colleague asks her if she’s gotten involved in any of CCS’ events. Upon recommendation, Lois and her husband Brian went to find out more. It was not long before they were signed up as members and AGM attendees.

As they came to know the CCS staff, board members and some of the families, the duo decided they wanted to get more closely involved with the organisation. After two weeks of quite “strenuous” volunteer training, they were accepted by CCS as suitable volunteers.


Lois and Brian have helped out with a little bit of everything over the years – from packaging magazines to organising Mother’s Day events. It was 10 years ago, however, that the two dedicated themselves to the monthly CCS BBQ which takes place on the last Friday of each month. For Lois and Brian, this was a favourite.

“The reaction of the parents and the kids is what really made a difference,” Lois explains, “[The BBQ’s] are really something the families enjoy, and the feedback we have always received is so heartwarming and very touching”.

Childhood Cancer Support can say nothing less than thankyou to Brian and Lois for giving up their time to brighten the lives of our families. We have watched them over the many years they have been working with us and are constantly amazed at what genuine and generous people they are. The CCS family simply is not complete without them.