Camp Crystal 2017

Camp Crystal 2017



And that’s a wrap! Wow – another year and another fantastic, fun filled weekend at Camp Crystal.
For the past 28 years Childhood Cancer Support has been holding a free camping getaway, known as Camp Crystal, for past and present paediatric oncology families. We could not be more proud or honoured to host this weekend getaway, and through all the hard work and planning in the lead up to each Camp, just to see the smiles, hear the laughter, and feel the love – it just completely makes it all worth it, keeps us going each year and reminds us why we do what we do.

Camp Crystal 2017 was our second year at Scouts Queensland, Baden Powell Park in Samford Valley and what a spot! The beautiful Samford Valley, home to Camp Crystal, has been a success once again. A huge shoutout and big thank you to Scouts Queensland for your continuous support and for allowing us to use your wonderful venue. We would also like to thank the caretaker who was available on the weekend of camp.

Without the support of many, many people and businesses, Camp Crystal would not exist. We have a long list of thank you’s so let’s get started!

  • – Scouts Queensland: For providing us with a venue and for much needed support.
  • – Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF): For providing homes and beds for families for the entire weekend, water stations, medics and support, photography and morale. Thank you to Ft. Sgt. Dave Covill, Aaron, Leanne and Rod, Jenna, Sarah, Dave, Brenton and to the team who set up and pulled down tents.
  • – Toc H Brisbane Branch: Thank you for the kite flying, Easter egg hunt, jumping castle, woodwork, fairy floss and popcorn, and arts and crafts. Thank you to Nyssa, Robert, Matt, Nathan, Nathan, Laura, Cross family and friends.
  • – Kitchen team: To Glen ‘Blondie’, Cross family, Ashe family including Greg, for keeping us full and putting a smile on our face at every meal time. You outdid yourselves once again. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • – Camp Crystal Admin Manager: Sophie Wilkins – your tireless efforts and hard work into making sure the weekend ran smoothly and for taking care of volunteers was phenomenal. Thank you.
  • – Gabba Fruit Market: Tim and his staff are based right across from our office and we were very lucky to have them on board once again.
  • – Samford Valley Meats: Thank you Justin.
  • – Drakes IGA Samford: Andrew Faulkner and staff, your generosity blew us away – thank you.
  • – Bush and Beach 4WD: Geoff and the team once again providing endless amounts of fun and taking families out on the tracks.
  • – Scouts Queensland Abseiling Team: Sharyn and the team for spending the day with the families, pushing the limits of fun and creating wonderful memories.
  • – Renegade Bowmen Incorporated: Archery is always such a highlight and each year it just gets better and better!
  • – Horse Riding Team: Anita, Susie, Debbie & Tilly and of course the beautiful horses.
  • – The Wandering Westies: What an entrance. Thank you for bringing out your motorbikes and cars and for bringing a new world of fun to camp.
  • – Shade of Space Astronomy Team: Thank you thank you! You always blow us away each year. Thank you for teaching us, sharing your knowledge and for showing us the beauty of beyond. The rockets this year were also a lot of fun! We would like to also thank you for the photography and videography.
  • – Milk Crate Climb: The Putland Family including Nathan, we thank you. One of the biggest highlights of the weekend for the kids.
  • – Arts and Crafts: Natalie, Shane, Robyn and the girls. Some of our longest volunteers and we appreciate everything you do for us each year.
  • – Mudflat Toys: Vince and team who generously donated wonderful wooden toys for arts and crafts.
  • – Janelle and Amber Boseley: Thank you for spending the time with families providing loads of fun, arts and crafts and for inviting your cute friend Mickey Mouse out.
  • – Saturday Night Disco: Thank you to the DJ Tim and Hayley and Dana for the music.
  • – PT Sessions: Thank you Gwen for introducing a new activity at this year’s camp, we loved every minute of it.
  • – Yoga: Thank you Beth for the wonderful Yoga class, also bringing another new activity to camp this year.
  • – Bowen Therapy: Huge thank you to Gael Cox for introducing Bowen Therapy to camp this year. We learnt something new about ourselves and it was great for parents to take some time out to book in with you.
  • – Brisbane Castle Hire: Thank you Scott for providing the jumping castle that then provided hours and hours of fun each day.
  • – Bush walks: Rochelle Luders and Jo Spencer for organising bush walks through the park. They were a big hit once again.
  • – Camp Shirts and transfers: Joedy Lee and the All Star Group for your hard work in ensuring we had our camp shirts ready to go and for always supplying us with quality uniforms. You always go above and beyond for us.
  • – Volunteer: Gai Campbell for spending the weekend with families, taking the time to have a chat, and for helping us sport the Camp Crystal logo on our new camp shirts.
  • – Volunteers: Lois and Brian, thank you. Long term volunteers and a huge part of our Childhood Cancer Support family. Your presence and hard work at camp is so appreciated.
  • – Volunteers: Pam and Sally-Ann, thank you very much.
  • – Volunteers: The girls from St. Mary’s College Ipswich, Yr 11 and Yr 12. Each year you help out, bringing so much energy and support to assist families in having the best weekend.
  • – Volunteers: The boys from St. Joseph’s College, Yr 11 Buckley House Boys (Gregory Terrace) – your presence on Saturday was wonderful and it was great to see you buddy up with the kids. Thank you for a wonderful weekend and for being there for the kids and their families.
  • – A big thank you to each and every volunteer who assisted in making the weekend what it was! Without each and everyone one of you (many names to list) camp would not have run as smoothly as it did.
  • – Bert: Thank you for your support and hard work in ensuring the weekend went without a hitch.
  • – Central Committee of Management and Staff of Childhood Cancer Support: Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to making this weekend continue to happen each year.

LASTLY – A huge thank you to our Camp Coordinator Nick! For those of you who don’t know, Nick is a full time teacher, therefore the hours and hard work that go into the organisation of Camp Crystal happen after hours and any spare time that he has. So with that being said, a huge thank you also to Nick’s lovely family for their support. Nick – thank you… thank you for allowing us to share this weekend with families who need it most and for your tireless efforts and hours that you have put into Camp Crystal. You have done it all with a smile on your face and it reflected on each and every person this past weekend.

To the families! The reason why we do what we do. This weekend is for you, and we only hope we were able to create wonderful memories for you and your family and to provide you some time off to be able to cherish these moments and simply have a break from the outside world.

The creative ideas are already being discussed for next year and we simply cannot wait!

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