An amazing weekend at Camp Crystal

An amazing weekend at Camp Crystal

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Camp Crystal is such an important weekend on our calendar each year. It’s a true getaway for our families, where they can leave the day-to-day stresses and worries, and enjoy time together. It’s a weekend filled with fun activities, connections, and laughter.

Thanks to the generous support from Newman’s Own Foundation, we were once again able to provide a delightful retreat for our paediatric oncology families in the scenic Mt Tamborine area.

We were proud to welcome 32 families to camp, with over 130 family members. The families were also joined by a team of 28 incredible volunteers and our Childhood Cancer Support team who worked tirelessly to ensure the families could enjoy camp.

Everyone enjoyed delicious food, fun activities, and most of all, the chance to connect and create lasting friendships. There was so much joy and laughter filling the air—it truly was contagious.

Without the foundation, we wouldn’t be able to host such an incredible experience for our families. Thank you again to Newman’s Own Foundation for supporting Camp Crystal again this year.

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